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Nano-photonic and advanced innovation technology can provide a real driving force for the fight against oncological pathologies.

The Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics Center for Human Health – CNOS - is a National Research Infrastructure characterized by a high technological and scientific potential and capable of developing Scientific Research of Excellence for fighting Oncologic Pathologies, using as enabling technology Optoelectronics and Nanophotonics. The CNOS mission is to became an IR able to promote and rule the scientific quality and the technological quality.


Supported by the growing and continuous development of nanotechnologies, nano-bio-photonics in the latest decades has led to a real technological revolution in the healthcare sector. The unique ability of light to interact with matter on a Nano metric scale can be exploited to perform molecular-level analysis, favoring on one hand a greater understanding of the origin of the disease (for the prevention and diagnosis) and on the other hand providing new techniques and approaches for treating the diseases themselves. Nano-scale integration of bio-photonic components and devices allows to perform detections and measurements quickly, sensibly and accurately and results to be particularly useful for point-of-care applications.

“Project co-financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania Region, as part of the POR Campania FESR 2014-2020 – “MANIFESTAZIONE DI INTERESSE PER LA REALIZZAZIONE DI PROGETTI DI SVILUPPO/POTENZIAMENTO DI INFRASTRUTTURE DI RICERCA STRATEGICHE REGIONALI PER LA LOTTA ALLE PATOLOGIE ONCOLOGICHE” – D.D. DG 50-10 n. 355 del 05/06/2017 e ss.mm.ii. CUP B81C17000050007 – SURF 17063BP000000001″


The mission

Taking advantage of a multidisciplinary team of young and exciting researchers and international expert researchers, the CNOS aims to establish collaborations with the most qualified national and international structures in the field of oncologic research, with the specific purpose of producing innovation and able to:

  • to stimulate the excellence research in the fight against oncological pathologies in important strategic areas
  • promote cultural activities, scientific research and technological development both in terms of advancing knowledge and service to the local community
  • to explore innovative frontiers of knowledge with particular regard to the interdisciplinary approaches and the applicative dimension
  • to allow the international opening for the Campania region, thanks to cooperation and exchange activities with realities of national and international research
  • to spread innovation, involving the community and the local economy
  • strengthen the collaboration between the local authorities and the international institutes of research, to provide high standard of training to its own research staff, to the students, to the visitors and to the staff involved
  • to generate intellectual properties to promote the data sharing to the scientific community or the technological transfer to industrial companies
  • support companies and industries through Dedicated Technological Service
  • encourage and support the birth and incubation of innovative Start-Up
  • offer training of highly specialized personnel